Michelle Hartman Tupperware

Meet Michelle Hartman:

Michelle is now the leader of an ELITE Organization of Tupperware with team members of 16 states.

Michelle resides in Sheffield, Iowa. She joined Tupperware 9 years ago to enjoy a discount. Does this sound like you? Her full time job was changing, due to the economy and she quickly found her new passion. Shortly after, she started sharing her love of Tupperware with others that she met on Facebook and at her in home Parties. Within a few months, she was able to build a TEAM!

  • She became a Director in October 2009
  • She became a Star Director in August 2012
  • She is currently the leader of an ELITE Organization with team members in 16 states

If you want to grow your direct sales business, Michelle is the expert in the field. She can help you turn your direct sales business up a notch or two.

Michelle has the following to say:  

“My #1 job is a mom & wife!  The joy of being able to build a career in Tupperware where I can work around my kids & family schedule is an AMAZING perk!  Social Media has played a HUGE roll in this! I have been able to take my earnings to the next level, by being able to meet & engage with people on social media! It has allowed me to work with my team, my party hosts & create great customer engagement!”

We know that Michelle will inspire and challenge you to take your direct sales business to the next level. She’s a go getter and does not let any grass grow under her feet.