We are delighted that Shari Hagen is our Closing Key Note Speaker.  Shari has defined her brand and persona through her business and social media.
Shari Hagen is a health and wellness educator, a blogger, and a North Iowa network marketer. Shari is also the Managing Director for the Clear Lake, Iowa, Polka Dot Powerhouse Chapter.
Shari Hagen
She uses many aspects of social media to build her brand and her business. In 2.5 years she has been able to build a business of over 1,200 customers and business builders. She does this by using a combination of attraction marketing and branding. Shari has a story that we know many of you can relate to.
Success comes in many ways, shapes and forms. We know that Shari will inspire you to pay attention to you and your brand!
Shari’s blog: Inkedandeducatedmom
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