Meet Jody Halsted:

Jody Halsted

$50/ half hour

Rebranding/ Small Niche Big $

Is your blog heading in a new direction? Want to become niche in a sea of generalization? Or do you just need ideas to expand from hobby blog to income generating website? Get insight from Jody Halsted on how to rebrand and earn big money from a small niche.

In 2008 Jody Halsted’s blog Have Kid Will Travel was named the top family travel blog by Budget Travel. By 2010 there were over a dozen blogs using some form of her website name. Imitation is the highest form of flattery….

In 2011 Jody rebranded her blog as Family Rambling- and made sure to trademark it! Soon, thanks to strong readership and marketing, Family Rambling bypassed the success of HKWT.

In 2012, as the popularity of family travel blogs increased, Jody took a step to further re-brand and started Ireland With Kids (which became Ireland Family Vacations). As the only website 100% focused on family travel in Ireland, Jody has become the most sought-after expert in Ireland group travel. Her website has expanded beyond the blog and now includes ebooks, product sales, itinerary planning, and a podcast- allowing her to hire assistants and increasing the family’s travel budget!

In fact, Ireland Family Vacations is so successful that Jody recently sold Family Rambling to concentrate solely on her niche site! (It is also freeing up some time for Jody to launch a new niche site in 2017!)

Schedule a mentor session with Jody at and leave with actionable steps to reach your goals- and a bonus e-book to help increase your productivity.


Meet Miriah Whitehurst:

Miriah head shot

$25/ half hour

Increase Profits Through a Blog Facelift

Does your blog need a face lift and you are not sure where to begin? Miriah may be the person to kick start the process.

Marketing360 works with companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs to increase profits, spread brand awareness, and increase conversions through effective marketing strategies. Their services include social media consulting and management, email marketing, website design, and SEO optimization.

They capture your business’s vision and what makes your business unique, and they market these ideas in a way that will authentically connect with your target audience. At Marketing360, they are focused on action and results.

With these sessions, you will receive a cheat sheet for social media graphics, Miriah’s top 5 tips for building your brand, and 3 tips to rank higher on Google. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring your business’s marketing to the next level!

Schedule a mentor session with Miriah at and leave with steps that you can implement to make the necessary changes to grow your blog and/or your business.

Meet Maureen Fitzgerald:

Maureen Fitzgerald

$20/15 minutes
$35/30 minutes

Working with Local TV As a regular contributor at FOX 6, WITI in Milwaukee, Maureen can share the do’s and don’ts to getting yourself a local TV or radio spot. From how to find the right contact to pitch to how to frame your first email to what to wear and do on the big day, Maureen is happy to walk you through how to get your foot in the door at your local TV station and how to make the most out of your big break. (30-minute session recommended)

Working with Brands In addition to having had a working relationship with major national brands since 2009, Maureen also spent time as a blogger outreach specialist at Jockey and has been the campaign manager on many other blogger campaigns for brands like Unilever and Hershey’s. Maureen can help you craft a pitch that will not only get your noticed, but also get you the best compensation package you can negotiate. (30-minute session recommended)

Media Kit Review Already have a media kit and want an insider’s opinion of it? Maureen is happy to take a look and let you know if there are a few things you might want to adjust or if you’ve already nailed it. With 5+ years experience scouting bloggers for national brands, Maureen knows what makes a media kit stand out and what will put you at the bottom of the pile. (15-minute session recommended)
Schedule a mentor session with Maureen at and be proud of your online presentation so you land that next dream gig.