Earlier in the week Sara Broers and Pat Palmer presented a class regarding online reputations for your business. In the audience are what I would say have been a couple of businesses who have faced the brunt of abuse to their online reputation. The key question was “How do we stop the bleeding?”

Many times that’s the question… Our class was to help prevent it from STARTING! Employee training, staff management, engagement and being aware of ALL of the channels out there are some of the keys to prevention. We discussed mobile apps and other tools that can be used to monitor feedback to Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Facebook Reviews and of course, the various Rant & Rave pages in North Iowa. If you put your head into the sand and ignore the concerns, people will think you are an absentee owner and the firestorm will continue without you being able to defend your business. In that case, your hope is that others who you have served well will come to your rescue.

Our participants left with a better understanding and knowledge of how being on top of the reviews and feedback will help them in the long run and get a better handle on things.

Thanks to Cent Credit Union in Mason City for hosting the event and we will be running this class again in October.