This past Thursday, Sara and I took to the road to do what we would call “Warm Calling” on some area Chambers of Commerce to the west of our local area. We stopped in Humboldt at their new facility and had a great chat with Jenna at the Chamber Office (she missed our trip to Pasquale’s!)

We then headed south to Fort Dodge where we dropped of an information packet to their staff and drove around the downtown area. Next it was on to Eagle Grove where they just wrapped up their Summerfest celebration and are heading into the Wright County Fair. Their office is also being remodeled and I once again proved that I’m “The Kitten Whisperer” as the director brought her kitten into work with her and I was able to tame the “beast.”

Our last stop was in Clarion and we found the historic office closed as it is only staffed from 10am – 2pm in the summertime.

We are taking in a different direction each time we go out to spread the work about Home Grown Social Media and some of the classes we can present on our own — but better yet — when we team up with a local chamber office. The folks we talked to were receptive and we hope to be back to them very soon to line up some programming for them.

Who knows?? We may be visting your community next!!