Sara Broers and Patrick Palmer have MANY years of combined knowledge and keep up to date with the latest trends and tools in Social Media. For those who want to book a full day, half day or just a few classes with Sara and Patrick, here’s a description of what we have to offer if you wish to chose classes ala carte.

Part of our training can involve local experts in their fields. We like to involve the local community as much as we can, so we usually have a panel of three or four people who have “been there, done that” to help answer questions and use as “success stories” in your community or region. There are also times that we may suggest a special guest, like a photographer or journalist to be a part of the program as well. We want participation, so this involves more than just the two of us. We want your group or organization to walk away with an action plan and excited to take on their own vision in social media.

Keep in mind that if your organization wants to take over the planning of the event, that’s fine as well. We sell you the package, you set the ticket price, sell the tickets and we come to you and provide the education. We would be happy to do corporate training as well. Just pick the topics that you and your employees would be interested in and we take care of the rest.

Sara Broers Classes:

Instagram for Business-  Hands on class, requires all participants to have an Instagram account (2 hours)

Speaking Topics:

Turn Your Blog Into A Business
Be The Local Blogger That Local Media Wants To Partner With
Social Media Is The Highway For Growth In Your Small Town Community
Transitioning From a “Mom” Blogger to a Travel Blogger
You Can Be A Rockstar Travel Blogger In Midlife
How You Can Find A Job Through Social Media
Online/Cyberbullying Awareness

If you don’t see a topic here, ask!

Patrick Palmer Classes:

Beyond Kittens & Selfies – Advanced Facebook For Business (3 hours)
Social Media Training – 4 Platforms (2 hours)
The Wonderful World of Google (2 hours)
Facebook Advertising (1.5 hours)
Managing Your Online Reputation (1.5 hours)
Using Video For Social Media (1.5 hours)
Basic Maintenance For Your PC (1 hour)
Getting Customer Feedback (1 hour)
Getting Your Business Found Online (1 hour)
Managing and Caring For Your Data (1 hour)
Online Safety (1 hour)
Safe and Secure Home Networking (1 hour)
Winning With Periscope Videos (1 hour)
Winning With YouTube Videos (1 hour)

PLUS — Any topic that you are interested in that can be developed into a class structure.