Every now and then the stars line up and things just happen. Last week (Aug 22 – 29) was just that week. I posted on our Home Grown Social Media Facebook Page that we were going to be busy and we were. Here’s what I posted on August 21st:
8/22 – SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! – 8:00pm
8/23 – Social Media Breakfast – Mason City – 8:30am
8/24 – Record Insight on Business – The News Hour Radio Show – 4:15pm
8/25 – Playback Insight on Business – The News Hour Radio Show – 5:00pm
8/29 – Social Media Breakfast – Albert Lea – 8:00am
8/31 – Independent Distributor Class – Mason City 8:30am – 4:30pm

On Tuesday the 22nd, our Special Announcement was our NEW Home Grown Social Media Online School. Yes, we are developing online classes for folks to take at their own pace. We have one class already online, “Beginning Facebook For Business Pages” which features a video of step by step instruction on how to get your settings in check to get the most FREE engagement. Sara and I also have other downloadable freebies as well. Thanks to Miriah Whitehurst for helping us with part of the class for the graphic design portion. She does our graphics and we love them.

Our second class features Sara in a class called “Blogging Your Way To Success” and will feature many facets of blogging, including several special guests that will be interviewed along the way. We will have an announcement when that class comes out.  For those who enroll in the VIP portion of the classes, you will get exclusive membership in our “Top Secret” Members Only Group on Facebook.

On Wednesday the 23rd, our Social Media Breakfast featured a visit from KIMT-TV and we introduced them to “We Got It” — a new food delivery service in Mason City. They did a short segment on their visit to Social Media Breakfast on their 6:00pm KIMT News Broadcast.  I had the chance to also interview Trysten and Jonathon for my Random Access Blog. We wish them the best of luck in offering North Iowa this much needed service. We are hoping they’ll be back to Social Media Breakfast in the months to come. It was a pleasure working with Stefanté Randall at the TV station. I think she has a bright future and she has a good sense of humor as well. Dealing with me, she’d need one!




On Thursday the 24th, Sara and I headed to Des Moines to do a radio show with Michael Libbie on Insight On Business — The News Hour. Michael is a big supporter of social media and we’ve been friends for nearly 10 years. Our portion of the show was recorded on Thursday and it aired on Friday the 25th. We had a few laughs and a nice time. Here’s the replay of the segment we were on — Insight On Business — The News Hour.





Skipping ahead on Tuesday the 29th, we sponsored Social Media Breakfast in Albert Lea, MN and also had the program on being active with social media in your communities. We also discussed our upcoming conference on Thursday and promoted our online school.

One thing that I am fortunate to have found is someone who cares about people and social media the way I do. I can’t say we agree on everything…no one does…and no one should, but we do find common ground on a lot of issues. I enjoy listening to Sara discuss her travels and adventures and I rattle on now and then about pointless things about wacky conventions I’ve been to or times gone by when I was working in radio.

It seems like we are always trying to think of new ways to help people and help their businesses through social media. Thank you to our friends and fans for being great cheerleaders as well… we couldn’t do it without you!